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List Of Food Testing

  Fruits and Vegetable Testing
  Cereals Testing
  Dry Fruit Quality Testing
  Edible Oil Testing
  Rice and Wheat Testing
  Spice and Condiment Testing
  Beverages Testing
  Bakery and Confectionery Testing
  Meat and Poultry Product Testing
  Sea Food Testing
  Animal Feed Testing
  Milk & Dairy Products Testing
  Baby Food Products Testing
  Salt Testing
  Nutritional Labeling
  Food Grade Sea Weed Testing.

Fruits and Vegetable Testing

The fruits and vegetables that you eat affect your overall growth and the contaminants present in them can be harmful.

What is this service?

the basic nThese fruits and vegetable testing services provides evidence that maximum residue limits (MRL’s) should not exceed. These tests basically analyze the fruits and vegetables for content ofpesticides that can be harmful for health of consumers. In addition to this, these tests also provide  utrients composition present in the fruit or vegetable. The Fruits and Vegetable Testing includes testing of grape, mango, and sugar cane.

Following are the tests that are carried out on fruits and vegetables:

  Multi residue GC Test
  Nutritional profile
  Maleic Hydrazide
  Heavy metals
  Dithiocarbamate Screen
  Glyphosate (includes AMPA and gluphosinate)
  Sulfonyl Urea Screen

Cereals Testing

Our growth and health depends on the quality of food we eat.

 What is this service?

Cereals are generally treated with insecticide to prevent infestation during storage.These insecticides present in cereals can be very harmful for the health of consumers.The cereals are tested for their compliance to maximum residue levels.

There are various parameters on which these cereals are tested, which includes:

  Heavy metals

Dry Fruit Quality Testing

A dry fruit contains vital nutrients that are required for an overall growth of the body and mind. Thus, dry fruit testing services are needed.

What is this service?

The quality testing of dry fruits is performed on parameters of color, external appearance and taste.These quality tests make sure that the dry fruits you are consuming are free of yeast, coli form bacteria and fungi.

Following are the other parameters on which dye fruits are tested:

  Kojic acid

Edible Oil Testing

The quality of edible oil is vital for a healthy, safe and sound life. Thus, we require an edible oil testing services.

What is this service?

These testing services are carried out on tallow, oilseed, and palm oil,cooking oils, mustard oil, groundnut oil, safflower oil, soya oil, sesame oil,sunflower oil, other vegetable oils and more.

Following are the tests that are performed on edible oils:

  Acid Value
  Aldehyde Profiles
  Aliphatic Alcohols
  Fatty Acid
  Fragrance Profiles
  Hexane Residues
  Hydrocarbon Profile
  Iodine value
  Moisture and volatiles
  Mercury content
  Polar compounds
  Smoke point
  Solid fat content

Rice and Wheat Testing

Rice and wheat are the important of part of our daily diet

What is this service?

In grain testing, the rice and wheat grains are tested for their purity and quality.The rice and wheat grains sample is tested for dust particles, harmful pesticides,drugs to prevent them from insects and any other harmful elements.

Spice and Condiment Testing

Adulteration in spices and condiments can adversely affect your health and cause number of diseases.

What is this service?

The spice testing services and condiments checks on pesticide contamination, true nutritional contentand heavy metals present in spices. These are stringently tested in compliance to maximum residue levels (MRLs).The Spice and Condiment Testing includes testings of masala, garlic, ginger paste, coriander power,curry leaves, cardamom, clove, cummin seed, spices.

Following are the parameters on which these spices and condiments are tested:

  Acid insoluble ash
  Non volatile Ether extract
  Scoville Index
  Coal tar dyes
  Crude fiber
  Total ash
  Extraneous matter.

Beverages Testing

Consumption of good quality beverages and juices have positive impact on the health of consumers.To be at the forefront of beverage industry, the quality of the juices and drinks has to be excellent.So, there is need for Food and Beverage Testing.

 What is this service?

These beverage testing services or health drink testing includes microbiological, toxicity, chemical,
nutritional and physical analysis of juices and beverages.

Following are the parameters on which these beverages and juices are tested: 

  Organic acid
  Amino acids
  UV absorption
  Chlorogenic acid and HMF
  Benzoic and sorbic acids

Bakery and Confectionery Testing

Confectionery market is growing day by day with the lifestyle. So, there is need for bakery products & confectionery testing.

What is this service?

The confectionery items generally comprise of ice-creams, chocolates, cocoa products and sugar productslike foam wafers, candies, jelly products, fruit gums, biscuit, chocolate, pastry, pickle, jam, sweet, honey etc.We adopt testing method depending upon the category of confectionery item.

This testing service analyzes the confectionery items for
following microbial parameters:

  Coli forms and E. coli
  Total colony-forming units
  Yeast and mold
  Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus
  Alcoholic acidity

Meat and Poultry Product Testing

Presence of environmental contaminants and veterinary drugs in the meat and poultry products can affect the nutritional content present in them.

What is this service?

Meat and poultry product testing is carried out as per the health, sanitation and safety standards.

These meat and poultry testing includes:

  Testing Salt, Chloride, AOAC, Titrimetric
  Heavy metals like Pb

Sea Food Testing

The seafood is highly perishable and therefore it is imperative that these products that we are eating are stored and packed properly in compliance with the required standards.

 What is this service?

Pollution in seawater can cause contamination in the seafood. These pollutants are hazardous to your health. It causes food poisoning when consumed.

The seafood testing services or aquaculture product testing include:

  Testing seafood hygiene levels
  Detection of bacteria and bacterial pathogens including total aerobic plate count,
  Escherichia coli, coli forms, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Vibrio parahaemolyticus
  Fungicide residues
  Antibiotic residues
  Toxic metals
  Chemical contaminants

Animal Feed Testing

What you give your animals as feed affects their health and in turn affects the business.

What is this service?

The animal feed testing is which includes contamination investigation, analysis, quality,nutritional value and formulation of animal feed. The feed testing services allow the evaluation of feed that helps in avoiding nutritional disorders in animals.

Milk & Dairy Products Testing

What you give your animals as feed affect their health and in turn effect the business.

What is this service?

The dairy products testing service analyzes the sample of milk and other dairy products for their nutritional content and adulteration if present. All the dairy products and milk is tested as per the standard provided by the regulatory bodies.

Baby Food Products Testing

The best quality of baby food helps the child to grow in a healthy way.

What is this service?

The baby food is analyzed for its composition. The nutritional content present in the baby food is very important for the health of a child and his overall growth.The baby food products are also tested for its purity and level of adulteration by food nutritional testing.

Salt Testing

Salt is the basic ingredient in any of the cuisines.

What is this service?

Today, when seawater is getting polluted, the level of pollutants is also increasing in salt.Impure quality of salt with low content of iodine in it can cause diseases.

So, Salt Testing Services are needed. Following are the parameters that are tested while analyzing  the quality of salt:

  Water insoluble matter
  Iodine content
  Potassium Ferro Cyanide
  Matter soluble in water other than NaCL
  Alkalinity as Na2CO3
  Acid insoluble matter

Nutritional Labeling

Nutritional Labeling is too checked on the label before purchasing any food item.

What is this service?

The nutritional food labeling is basically the information about the composition of repacked foods.

The labeling includes:

  Nutrition fact table
  Ingredient list
  Some optional nutrition claims
In our nutritional labeling services, we analyze the sample of food item for its complete nutritional content.
  This type of nutrition food labels on the packed food gives you information about calories and core nutrients present in the food.

Food Grade Sea Weed Testing

Food Grade Seaweed is rich in fibers and proteins that are good for health.

What is this service?

The seaweed grows in salty water and can be contaminated due to pollution in water.

Following are the parameters that are analyzed during seaweed testing services: